“Five to find, three are one. One gives access, the Bladed Sun.
The Silver Orb, to banish below. The Staff of Ages, to vanquish the foe. Joining two, the Golden Thorn. The last to invoke, the Platinum Horn.”

You have heard this prophecy many times – one regarding the chosen hero that will save the Westland from a great and rising darkness. Those days are now before you, for Talimar the Starless – the Warlock Lord – is once again moving in this world. He has descended far below Castle Shadowgate, ready to release a creature of immense power upon the world and bring it into chaos!

Shadowgate: The Living Castle is a 2-4 player board game based on the Macventure, Kemco NES and 2014 remake video game, Shadowgate. In it you’ll explore Shadowgate, the Living Castle, discovering relics and spells and completing legendary quests. Players can choose between eight characters that have their own unique class, traits, and abilities, then use these characters to compete for XP (experience points). For each item you equip, each quest you complete, each djinn riddle you answer, and each monster you defeat, you gain XP. Compete against other players to piece together the fabled Staff of Ages – It is only then will you be able to confront the Warlock Lord, fulfill the prophecy, and be crowned High Lord of the Westland!

Game Mechanics:

  • Cooperative
  • Dice Rolling

Game Specifications:

  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 30 – 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty Weight 2.00