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Looking for things to do near San Diego?  There are so many games to play from our board game library.  You can choose to either stay and play, or rent a game to return a few days later.

The count as of December 2022 includes 1,400+ unique board game titles and expansions, and we continue to add new games each month. We have games for all ages, player count, and mechanisms.  See a full list of games in our game library here.

Wondering why people love to stay and play games at Off The Shelf Games?  See our FAQ’s here.  Note that we will have reduced capacity for the foreseeable future for increased social distancing.  Feel free to call us at 619-499-5111 to make a table reservation ahead of time.

Wondering if you can rent a boardgame?  Almost all our games in the library are available for rent (excluding a few rare/ impossible to replace games).  See our game rental policy here.

Board Game Bingo – it’s a game within a game!  Play a game from our board game library, get a stamp, and win prizes for Bingo patterns!  2021 Bingo Card coming soon!

Looking forward to seeing you at Off The Shelf Games!