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Off The Shelf Games literally has a wall of boardgames available for play inside the store. The board game library is a great way to try out a game before buying it, great for those that do not have a lot of space to store many games, and also a great place to find people to play with. You can choose to either stay and play, or rent a game to return a few days later.   See our stay and play FAQ’s here. Almost all our games in the library are available for rent to take home and play for members, excluding a few rare/ impossible to replace games, and those that are on our in-store game challenges. Stay and Play fees are $8 per day, and Boardgame rental fees are $6 for 3 days. Monthly or multi-monthly memberships are also available, which provides unlimited stay and play benefits.

The count as of June 2023 includes 1,500+ unique board game titles and expansions, and we continue to add new games each month. We have games for all ages, player count, and mechanisms.  See a full list of games in our game library here.

Board Game Bingo – it’s a game within a game!  Play a game from our board game library, get a stamp, and win prizes!  Bingo Games are updated every quarter, and a fun way to play more games 🙂

Call us at 619-499-5111 to make a table reservation. Or join our Discord Server to connect with other gamers looking for players.


Looking forward to seeing you at Off The Shelf Games!