Welcome to Off the Shelf Games!

A board game store and lounge located in downtown El Cajon, San Diego, where you can come in with your family and friends to enjoy a fun afternoon of tabletop games!

Upcoming Events


Off the Shelf Games will now be opened with limited capacity from Noon - 6 pm every day - scroll down for more information!

Off the Shelf Games Art Contest!!

Off the Shelf Games is having an art contest!! Paint, shape, or create any piece of artwork that follows the "High Fantasy" theme. Due to the recent pandemic, the dates have been changed, and we will update the event calendar as soon as possible. The artwork will be displayed throughout our store. This event is open to all artists. Paintings must coincide with our rules and regulations, as listed here

We’re officially running the newest adventures from the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League at Off the Shelf Games every Friday from 6-10 pm! Player characters must be made in accordance with the Adventurers League rules, but other than that it’s completely up to you! Join us for a fun way to play D&D where you can come and go as you please

D&D One Shots

Join us on Thursday evenings for D&D one shots! Events are limited to 8 people, and will be run by Patrick the DM. Don't worry about dice or characters, all of that will be supplied. All you have to do is bring your imagination! Sessions will be run from 5-9 every Thursday.

Buy 1 day pass, get 1 day pass for free! Every Tuesday, if you purchase a ticket to enter, you'll get an additional ticket for free, which you can then give to your family or friends! Free tickets acquired on 2 Day Tuesday must be redeemed within a week, and may be used the same evening as the purchase.

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We have exciting news!!! As of May 23rd, Off the Shelf Games is going to reopen for in-store retail and gameplay. Our hours will be Noon-6 pm daily. There are a few important things that you need to know, which will be detailed below.

Spacing and Board Game Quarantine

Firstly, we have rearranged our store to ensure that everyone can play games at a safe distance. This means that we can have 5 groups of people playing in our store at a time. Furthermore, after a group has played with a game we will be temporarily removing the game and placing it in a “quarantine” for 48 hours (2 days). Naturally we will be following the rules and guidelines but out by the CDC and San Diego County, meaning that all of our employees will be wearing masks to ensure your safety.

Rental Games

We’re also still offering good our Board Game Rental program! You can rent any game from our board game rental list for up to three days for only $8 ($4 for members)! This is a great way to enjoy playing some tabletop games with your family in the comfort of your own home. As with games played in the store, upon the return of the game it will be placed in a 48 hour “quarantine” until it will be available again.

Board Game Bingo

We will also be extending our Board Game Bingo deadline to December, so that everyone will have plenty of time to play the games that they need despite the fact that it may be harder to get specific games. If you’re having trouble finding a specific game, try renting one! You can even make a reservation for a specific game, so you can knock out all of the games you need to complete your bingo card.


Since we will have a limited capacity, there may be times where we cannot accept any more people into our store at a time. If you’re worried about this happening, don’t worry! Just call us at 619-499-5111 to reserve a table, and we’ll make sure there’s space for you!


Speaking of members, we are going to extend our pre-existing memberships by 4 months for our members to enjoy! So if your membership would have expired on March 21st, it will now expire on July 21st.

Entrance Fee

Finally, we will be dropping our entrance fee to $5. Members will still be able to get in for free and children will still have an entrance fee of $3.

Online Store

Our online store will be open as of April 1st, 2020. You can access it here or by navigating to the Online Store link on the top menu bar.  We offer a wide range of boardgames, role playing accessories, and mini-figures to paint. 

You can either choose to have your games or tabletop accessories delivered to your house, or you can schedule a time for curbside pick-up.  Members have been emailed a code to receive their 20% discount, just be sure to enter when checking out.    We want to thank everyone for supporting us through this difficult time, it really means a lot to us that we have such a supportive and caring community. Stay healthy and safe out there, and we’ll see you guys soon.

Game Library Fees

More Ways to Play

$20.  Includes vouchers for 4 daily entrance passes!!  Available while supplies last.  Vouchers must be redeemed by December 31, 2025.