A board game store and tabletop lounge located in El Cajon, San Diego, CA.  Enjoy hours of fun tabletop or roleplaying games with family and friends!


Off The Shelf Games is a friendly local boardgame store and lounge in East County San Diego California.  Our retail section features boardgames, roleplaying books, dice, miniatures, paints, and related accessories.  Our playspace and lounge features an expansive board game library and snack bar.  We have events nearly every day, and an active discord community to meet new people do play with.


Off The Shelf Games Logo
Off The Shelf Games Logo

Table Reservations

We have a good amount of tables and comfortable chairs for our guests to stay and play from our boardgame library.  We recommend calling us ahead of time at 619-499-5111 to reserve a table. There are no extra fees for table reservations. 

Boardgame Rentals

Most games from our boardgame library are also available for 3-day rental with a membership. This is a great way to enjoy some tabletop games with your family in the comfort of your own home, and all for $6 per game! Members may rent out 2 games at a time.

Daily PlayPass
$8 Adult

Includes all day access to library of over 1500 board games, our collection of RPG minis and maps, and wet pallette paint station



1 Month – $20
3 Months – $50

Unlimited Daily Play Pass for Member
Can Rent Board Games for 3 Days (some exclusions apply)
Free half table at our monthly Flea Market

News Features

NBC 7 San Diego News Segment featuring Off The Shelf Games – aired Oct 2, 2020

KPBS Photojournalist Segment featuring Off The Shelf Games – aired July 24, 2023 (skip to 21:20)

Job and Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming part of the Off The Shelf Games team, visit our job opportunities page and our Board Game Ambassador page to submit an application for consideration