An Off The Shelf Games Board Game Ambassador teaches others how to play games, and is friendly and welcoming of players of all levels.  OTSG Board Game Ambassadors will coordinate with the OTSG Store Manager to schedule and promote events. OTSG Board Game Ambassadors are volunteer roles which will be rewarded with 100 BGA points at the end of each successful game.   BGA points may be redeemed for in-store rewards such as play passes, memberships, and merchandise at the BGA store.  OTSG Board Game Ambassadors are expected to host one (1) game per month to maintain Ambassador Status.  Spots are limited. Complete the OTS Board Game Ambassador Application to be considered for this role.


Currently (updated January 2024), we are looking for Board Game Ambassadors that are comfortable teaching one or more of the following games featured in the 2024 World Series of Boardgaming

  • Acquire
  • Ark Nova
  • Azul
  • Brass Birmingham
  • Cascadia
  • Castles of Burgundy
  • Dune Imperium
  • Earth
  • Great Western Trail
  • Heat
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak
  • Ra
  • Splendor
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Wingspan

Complete the OTSG Board Game Ambassador Application for consideration 🙂

Steven teaching a game