Dread is a game that tells many stories. A group of friends go camping. It’s Halloween and you decide to throw a party. You’re on a road trip with family. You go for a walk in the park.

No matter how simple, how mundane the premise, something always goes wrong. And suddenly, like a flash of lightening, your easy vacation or night of relaxation is gripped with the icy claws of dread. You’ll be fighting for life or death against inexplainable forces, and as the night grows longer the stakes only grow higher….

In Dread, every time you take a difficult action, you’ll pull a black from a tower of blocks set up before the game begins. If you successfully pull out a block and the tower remains standing – great! Your character succeeds. But everything has a cost. If, for whatever reason, the tower falls on your turn while pulling a block, then it’s the end of the road for your little friend. Do you take the difficult actions to stay alive? Do you have a choice? Come find out when we play Dread, the classic horror RPG.

This is part of our October Horror Game Event, a month-long event where every Thursday night, starting at 6:30 PM, a new game will be played. Other games include Ten Candles, Werewolf, and Zombie World, check our website to see more!

This event is at Off The Shelf Games and there is a $5.00 entrance fee for non-members to the store.

COVID Notice: Please stay home if you have reason to believe you have any contagious illness including COVID. As at other businesses that offer food, masks are not required at the table. By RSVPing you assume full responsibility for your own health and safety.


Oct 28 2021


6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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