Victoriana Overview

One night, back in the late 19th century, Queen Victoria gathers some of England’s greatest and most influential individuals to save her and her country from impending doom. 

How To Play

Players need to work together in this cooperative game by BJ Gailey and Brad Lawrence to discover the evil plot, the mastermind behind the plot, and the location where the plot will take place all before the clock strikes midnight. These are done by investigating leads, and using tokens to either save them as evidence or use them to get deduction abilities, which allows you to go through the plot deck. Players have to be careful though, leads go cold after four rounds, and lost leads cause the evil plot to advance further and investigators to take damage. Agents dispatched by the mastermind also harm the investigator, limiting progress and allowing time to run out for the players.

Our Thoughts

This game was difficult, when we first played we didn’t expect to win. Nonetheless, it was very enjoyable. You’re always having to talk to your teammates, see what tokens they have and see who’s closest to what lead and what’s the best action for people to take. Cooperative games requires players to talk and interact with one another, and I greatly enjoy games where it feels like you’re actually playing with other people, rather than you’re playing by yourself and other people just happen to be there. Resource management is a big part of this game, because without resource tokens you can’t really do much on the board, and a turn spent getting more tokens could have been a turn spent investigating a lead, going through the plot deck, or fighting off an agent that’s been terrorizing your group.
If you too are a fan of cooperative games, or just want to play as some of the most famous characters (real or fictional) from the Victorian Era and save the Queen, then feel free to come visit us at Off the Shelf Games and play this game for yourself! We also have other cooperative games like Pandemic, Ghost Stories, Last Night on Earth, or Betrayal at House on the Hill if Victorian England isn’t your cup of tea.

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