Red Dragon Inn!

The afterparty is here! Red Dragon Inn is a competitive card game based off of tropes from your favorite role-playing games set in a tavern after a intrepid campaign!

The goal of the game is Last One Standing by fortitude or funds! Lie, gamble, or cheat the money away from your fellow adventurers to get them kicked out when they can’t pay their tab! Bash or bludgeon your opponents to victory or drink them under the table to knock them out! Each character comes with their own personal deck, many of which have a special quirk based off their adventurer trope to assist you in gambling, sleighting, combating, or drinking your way to a win! With 50+ characters and many different variations of the rules, this game is a hilarious and family-friendly competition.

This event is a demonstration of the game and mechanics so players of all skill levels are welcome. If enough interest is generated, I will likely also host Tournaments for EXCLUSIVE Red Dragon Inn-themed prizes!

No purchases are necessary to play as the game is provided. If tournaments are held there may be a small entry fee, but this is TBD.

This event is in-person at Off The Shelf Games. Off The Shelf Games does have a $5 entry fee to non-members. If the event is full and you would like to play, please join the waiting list, a player may drop. Walk-in’s are welcome, but are not guaranteed a seat. If you would prefer to observe a game you are welcome to do so, but please do not RSVP.

COVID Notice: Please stay home if you have reason to believe you have any contagious illness including COVID. As at other businesses that offer food, masks are not required at the table. By RSVPing you assume full responsibility for your own health and safety.


Aug 06 2021


2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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