GM’s Wanted: Learn 2 Play RPGS

Are you a new, veteran, or aspiring game master?
Do you want to help show gamers the vast world of tabletop RPGs?

We’re trying to create an opportunity for GMs to run and introduce players to their favorite non-5E* roleplaying games. We are starting to organize a weekly event for interested players to play in one-shot sessions.

All RPGs welcome. Indies, classic D&D editions, horror, sci-fi, universal systems etc.

We run a One-Shot RPG Session every Friday evening. This meeting is for on-ramping new GMs and to set-up our next schedule of weekly games.

What to bring:

Know which RPG you’d like to run! (1-2 of your favorites)
Availability for upcoming Friday games

What we are doing:

Gauging interest, more GMs means more games!

Scheduling out the next series of games

Eating pizza

*You can run a 5E one shot if you really want to! 🐉


Aug 29 2022


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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