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Find more information about our store-held events! Everything from KeyForge, Dungeons & Dragons, Board Games, Paint Nights, and much, much more! 

If there’s a page about an event you’d like to know more about, click on its icon to find out more. If you’re curious about our upcoming events, just click on the Event Calendar icon. Don’t forget to check out our MeetUp page to RSVP to some events or even set up your own, or just call us at 619-499-5111 or visit our store at 173 Fletcher Parkway to talk to an employee. We all hope you have a great time meeting new people enjoying what we love most – board games!

COVID Notice: Please stay home if you have reason to believe you have any contagious illness including COVID. As at other businesses that offer food, masks are not required at the table. By participating in our events you assume full responsibility for your own health and safety.