Short answer….. Because they are fun!

Long answer…..

I have always loved games, all kinds of games. From traditional Board games like Monopoly and Clue; Card Games like Spades and Hearts; to Active Games like Tag and Hide and go Seek. And I would argue that Everyone loves games of some sort: Sports are structured physical games, and everyone plays some sort of Video Game on their phone, if not on a console or Computer, and let’s not forget that Las Vegas is a city built on Games! (of course there is the lure of cash that goes along with that.) 

So with that in mind, I was shocked when I discovered that there are Literally Thousands of different board games available! And they really all have different feels to them, with different mechanics and themes. I started buying them and playing as many games as I could with my family, and we all became hooked! There is nothing like sitting around the table for a couple of hours, and seeing who can build the best Railroad (Ticket to Ride); Who can build the best settlements (Catan); Who is the best racer (Formula D); Or if we can all gather treasure and survive a sinking island (Forbidden Island). 

We would then introduce these games to our family and friends, and they would love them and ask where they can get them. But with the amount and variety of these games out there, and the cost, it can become overwhelming to find which one would best suit a family or person. Because of this we decided to open up a store that would not only sell the games but have them available to play! That way a person, couple, or family can come in, sit down, play a game or two, and then decide if it is something they would want to take home or not. When we open, we will have a starting Library of over 600 Games available for play, and we will be adding more weekly, so there will always be something available for someone to try out!

I hope that answered the question, But if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at