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Did you know you could rent board games? Most of our games in our library of over 700 games are now available for rent! Explore new games at a fraction of the cost. If you want to rent board games, just stop by the store and follow these steps – it’s that easy!

Board Game Rental fees are $8.00 for a Three-day period ($4.00 for Members). First time renters will be asked to sign a rental agreement, and a valid credit card must be placed on file. Late fees will be assessed at $4.00 per day ($2.00 for members) for a maximum of five days, after which you will be charged the MSRP value of the game, in addition to the late fees and rental charge. Two games may be rented at a time. All games will be sanitized and be unavailable for play for three days after return. Reservations for games are available. Games must be returned in the condition received. Games returned damaged or with missing pieces will be charged the MSRP value of the game, in addition to the late fees (if any), and rental charge.

Our library of games is constantly growing, and an updated list can be seen in the Board Game Library A-Z page.

Most popular BoardGames rented

Updated January 2021 – we have been renting out board games for about 6 months now, and were curious what has been the most popular boardgame to rent. Well, here are the top 6 most rented games in 2020, and its no surprise, these are all great games!

Arkham Horror Third Edition (1-6 players) Fantasy Flight Games
New York Zoo (1-5 players) Feuerland Spiele
Quacks of Quedlinburg (2-4 players) Northstar Games
Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt (1-5 players) Wizards of the Coast
Minecraft Builders and Biomes (2-4 players) Ravensburger
Wingspan (1-5 players) Stonemaier Games

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