Your Friendly Neighborhood Game Store

Our store is located just off of Main Street in El Cajon, California. 

We are a friendly local game store, primarily a place where you can meet with your friends, and play some games! We have over 600+ games available in our game library, and are welcoming to people from all walks of life and all ages.

We have four main rooms, three of them dedicated to game play. We have big and small tables, depending on the size of your game, and plenty of comfortable chairs. All of our games are located in the back room, where you can browse for the game that you want to play. All of our employees are familiar with board games, and will gladly help you with picking, finding, or learning any board game that you have in mind.

We have a special room that is more closed off than the others, making it a great spot for role playing games. Members have the privilege of reserving tables and can do so in this room.

If you play a game that you really like, or need a gift for a friend, we also have a retail section. You can find all sorts of things from dice, board games, and cool trinkets and statues!

Introducing a new feature of Off the Shelf Games – the Painting Station!

The paint station is included in the daily entrance fee (or free for members). There are 67 different paints available for use, and variety of small brushes. We also have employees who are familiar with painting minis, and will show you some tips and tricks if you are new.

d&d miniature paint station

The painting station includes the paints, brushes and tools, just bring your own mini to paint. They can be a mini from your favorite board game or a mini from your favorite role play system. You can even buy the minis at our store and paint them here! Happy painting!

d&d miniature paint station