Off the Shelf Games Grand Opening!

Wow! We can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we first opened. We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has helped us reach the point we’re at now, whether you just bought something, came in ever week for your favorite gaming event, or helped us out, we’re so happy to have gotten to know you! Now, get ready for a 3-day spectacular event filled with fun games, tournaments, and awesome prizes!

Below is our 3 day schedule – see a tournament that interests you? Go to MeetUp or just keep on scrolling for more information on it!

Thursday, December 9th

10 AM: Ribbon Cutting

4 PM: King of Tokyo Tournament

6 PM: Dominion Tournament

8 PM: Raffle!!

Friday, December 10th

Noon: Wingspan Tournament

4 PM: Sushi Go Tournament

6 PM: Red Dragon Inn Tournament

8 PM: Raffle!!

Saturday, December 11th

10 AM: Keyforge Tournament

4 PM: Azul Tournament

6 PM: Splendor Tournament

8 PM: Raffle!!

King of Tokyo Tournament
You are a monster locked in vicious battle with other monsters (and even robots!) for control of Tokyo. Roll your dice, use your powers, and pack a punch in this fun, classic player-elimination game this Thursday at 4!

Sushi Go Tournament
Can you keep up with this classic card drafting game? Will you take that Sashima and hope two others find their ways to your hand, or will you play it safe with the second tempura you need? All this questions will be answered this Friday at 4! Come join us!

WIngspan Tournament
Did somebody say birds? Observe with fellow players the many birds of the world, from North America to the Pacific, as you build your own bird safehaven, collecting your feathery friends, and meticulously planning out your next move as turns grow smaller and smaller.

Splendor Tournament
Welcome to the wonderful world of Splendor! Players will take the role of gem merchants, building their way up from the bottom. First you must collect the gems, establish routes to more gems, steady customers, and much much more as your sparkling empire expands before you.

Dominion Tournament
Join the conquest of the surrounding lands as you and fellow players slowly build your decks, a few cards at a time. Get actions, hoard coins, and finally get those victory points you’ve been building up to in this classic deck-builder.

Azul Tournament
You, and the rest of the players, have been ordered by the king to lay down these beautiful tiles in exquisite decoration. Only, tile-laying isn’t as easy as it seems. As you worry about drafting the right tiles, and successful tile-layer will also be planning several steps ahead, fulfilling the complex pattern in front of them.

Red Dragon Inn Tournament
Man, what a tough fight. Time to head towards the old inn, sit back, relax, and – hey, who threw that punch?! Join us in this classic “take-that!” game, fighting, drinking, and gambling the night away as various fantastical characters.