Next Free RPG Day is October 16, 2021!!!

Welcome to Free RPG Day 2021!

We are excited to be participating in Free RPG Day this year, and there are a lot of cool and interesting systems being showcased! And because of that, we will be running various games throughout the day.

Some of the systems/games being Showcased/Ran in store are:
      – 5th Edition
     – Pathfinder
     – Starfinder
     – Dungeon Crawl Classics
     – Root
     – Warhammer Soulbound
     – Blue Rose
     – Achtung! Cthulhu
     – Twilight Imperium
     – Vast Grimm
     – Zombicide
     – And More!

   The day will be broken into 3 sections, 10 am to 2 pm; 2 pm to 6 pm; 6pm to 10pm; and we will be running 8 games during each of those time frames. If you are interested in playing in any of the games we will be running, please sign up here. This Meet up is for the 10 am to 2 pm session.

All visitors to the store will be able to receive 1 free item (while supplies last). If you stay and play, you will also receive a raffle ticket to be entered in a drawing to win some really cool prizes, including:
     – Kraken Hat
     – Reaper Ghoulie Bag
     – Wizkids Frameworks Grim Cottage
     – Dice
     – Mini’s
     – Books
     – Other great prizes

This is a great opportunity for people who are new to RPG’s to try them out, and for those who are experienced, to try out different systems. Nothing is needed to play, all material will be provided.

We will be waiving the daily entrance fee to the store in honor of Free RPG Day! So come on out, and have some fun playing some great Role Playing games!

free rpg day

If you would like more information on Free RPG Day in general, go to the Free RPG Day Website, where you can find the most current information for Retailers, Publishers, and Gamers!

Hope to see you here on Saturday October 16, 2021!!