Captain Sonar League

“3… 2… 1… Dive, dive, dive!”

Welcome to the OTS Captain Sonar League! Form your teams, choose your roles, and work together to track down the other team and reign victorious!

Set Up

   All teams will be playing the live-action version of Captain Sonar – this means they will be playing simultaneously. Teams will consist of 4-5 people, the 5th member serving as a back-up in case one member can’t make it. Teams of 3 are acceptable, but a full team is recommended.

   If you want to join, but aren’t confident in your Captain Sonar skills or don’t have enough friends for a team, join us on Thursday, August 26, 2021, for a Learn to Play event! We’ll start with a turn-based example before moving into a live-action game, and you could even find other people to form a team with! If you can’t make it Thursday but still want to learn to play, you can watch this video here or stop by the store and ask an employee to help you. 


   The League will last 3-5 weeks, depending on the amount of teams that register. Each week a team will face off against a new team, playing different maps each round. 

   Points will be awarded depending on if you win, and how much damage you do. So, a win will always get 10 points, and the loser will get 0-3 points depending upon the amount of damage they’ve done. Please consult the table below for more examples.

  Win Lose
0 Damage N/A 0 Points
1 Damage N/A 1 Point
2 Damage N/A 2 Points
3 Damage N/A 3 Points
4 Damage 10 Points N/A

   At the end of the League, the team with the most points will win! Since the only fee for this league will be the entrance fee ($5 for non-members to the store, free for members), there will not be a prize, but there may be some in future leagues!

Visit Off the Shelf Games at 173 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, to register your team with the Team Name and number of members. When you’re done with that, take some time to prep – you’ll need to be ready for the challenge of managing your own submarine!