Off the Shelf Art Contest

Information For Show

This show is open to all artists. 

All mediums are welcome including: painting, digital art, photography, graphite/ charcoal and 3D.

Theme: High Fantasy – examples: dragons, fairies, unicorns, knights, bards, rogues, maidens, swords, sorcery, wizards, warlocks, goblins, orcs, elves, dwarves, magical forests, castles, witches, hags, amulets, etc…

Must be family friendly (i.e. no nudes, excessive violence)



– $10.00 For first entry, $5.00 each additional.

No limit on number of entries.

Any size welcome.

Must be wired, ready to hang, no glass.

Awards presented to first, second and third places.

Option to sell on consignment basis.  25% commission on all sales to Off The Shelf Games.



Sat March 21st 1pm to 3pm: intake of artwork

Sat April 4th 6pm to 8pm: Off The Shelf Games Grand Opening Reception.  Voting Opens.  

Sat June 13th – Awards presented to winners at Marriott Art Expo



First Place – 

$100.00 Cash and one year membership

$50.00 Cash and six month membership

$25.00 Cash and three – month membership