About Us

Off The Shelf Games

Off the Shelf Games is a Family owned San Diego business focused on Tabletop Games, Role Playing Games, and the community around them.  We have been playing board games as a family for many years, starting from when our youngest was 4, and want to share that experience with others. We decided to create a place where everyone is welcomed to come and grab a game off the shelf and play!  Check out our friendly local game store blog post from when we opened in December 2019, and Jerry’s previous post about why board games are great!

For a nominal fee of $5 per day (or less if you are a member), you can enjoy our ever growing selection of over 700 board games. That’s less than a movie ticket, and is way more fun!!! We have a fun, friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help you find the right type of game that you may be looking to play.  We also have weekly, and monthly events, plus other fun activities centering around Tabletop games. We look forward to seeing you at the Table!

Our family’s first 10 games that got us into board gaming, and eventually led to this store!