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Welcome Adventurers! Welcome to high stakes, to daring escapes, to miraculous victories, to everlasting stories…

Welcome to Porto Sicuro!

What is a West Marches Campaign?

A West Marches style of campaign is one that prioritizes exploration, re-exploration, and player input. At the beginning, the map is an empty canvas – essentially, the only thing that exists is the starting town! However, over the course of various adventures players (in collaboration with their Dungeon Master) will start to create a rich and exciting world, that they can then go back to later. Players are encouraged to create maps and logs of their adventures which they can then share on the group wiki – in our case Obsidian Portal – so that they can expand the world together!

Furthermore, a West Marches campaign is super flexible to join! There’s no set days or even set groups, so you won’t have to worry about your schedule getting in the way. And, since there’s no set world, you can have an adventure about anything you want! Craving to explore the seven seas with some pirates? Itching to try out an adventure of political intrigue? Just looking to beat up some monsters and explore some dungeons? You can do all of those, and much, much more! With a West Marches style campaign the sky’s the limit.

So How Does it Work?

First you’ll need to join either our Obsidian Portal page, our Facebook Group, or our Discord so that you can contact other people to get started (we recommend joining all of them so that you won’t miss any calls for adventure though!). Then, just make a post on Facebook or discord with what time, adventure, and system you want to play. Try doing this in your character! It adds a lot of fun and helps get everybody into the roleplaying spirit early on.

“Sos I asked around ifn’ there be any others looking to head out and explore the Tower…”

Braun Sotelia, in his log of his first adventure

Once you have a DM and a group of willing adventurers, then you can really get started. You can either reserve a table at our store, or you can use the OTS Marches Discord to meet. Or set up something yourselves, whatever you all are most comfortable with! If this is your first time playing, you will most likely be starting in Porto Sicuro, “one of the few safe harbors (no pun intended) on this unexplored continent”. Keep in mind that while we created this world (well, town) in the D&D 5e system, you can use whatever system that you want! You can always contact some of our other DM’s if you want help adapting the world to your preferred system.

If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns, just contact us in one of the aforementioned groups, and we’ll be happy to help. Or you could contact us through our email or Instagram! Now, get out there and get to adventuring!

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