Top 10 Upcoming Games!

As of April 3rd, 2020

Hi guys, this is Jerry again, with Off The Shelf Games. Even though we are on a lock down, there was and is a whole slew of games getting ready to be released. And when this is all over, these will be the ones I’m looking forward to playing the most. I haven’t played any of these games; this is based just on what information has been released for them. So, without any further ado, here is my top 10 upcoming games, not in any order. Enjoy!

10. Kitara by Iello Games – This looks like a cool Area Control type game, with some card drafting. Plus, it has the same name as my Daughter!

9. Santa Monica by AEG – A card drafting, set collection city building game based in Southern California. Looks to be a lot of fun.

8. Mariposas by AEG – Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, the same designer of Wingspan, but this time it Butterflies not birds. It looks to be a set collection game based on migration. If its anything like Wingspan, it’s going to be great!

7. Tang Garden by Thundergryph Games – A beautiful looking tile placement game where you are building a Chinese garden. With simple turns and lots of ways to score, I’m excited to get this one to the table.

6. Iwari by Thundergryph Games – A Euro type game with some cool looking components.

5. Forgotten Waters by Plaid Hat Games – The newest Crossroads game. It’s a Pirate themed Cooperative storytelling game, that is App supported. I Love Story games, and this one looks Great. I’m really excited for this one!

4. Betrayal at Mystery Mansion by Avalon Hill – A Scooby-Doo Themed Betrayal at House on the Hill….. What more need I say!

3. Far Away by Cherry Picked Games – A 2-player cooperative exploration game with a Sci-Fi theme. Looks to be a heavier 2-player experience than most 2-player only games.

2. Traintopia by Board & Dice – A tile drafting and laying game about trains. What is it that trains have that make them such fun board games?

1. Black Rose Wars by Ludos Magnus Studios – A heavy miniature game with lots of cool mechanics thrown in, this game looks gorgeous and seems like it will be a blast to play!

So, there you have it. We have all these games pre-ordered, so be on the lookout for them once we re-open. And if you are interested in them, give us a call and we will pre-order one for you too! Let me know if there are any games to you are looking forward to and why. Thanks!

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