Hadara Board Game Overview

Personally, I love civilization building games, and quite luckily there’s a lot of them out there! That’s why I (and the rest of the team at Off the Shelf) were so excited to play Hadara, and it’s great! I really liked the card drafting mechanism in this game, and how the game forces you to balance out what you’re getting (since you need money to buy cards, but you also need food to “feed” the cards you draft, but you really need to increase your military to get that colony, and wouldn’t that expensive purple card be nice to have?). We all enjoyed playing this game, and would definitely recommend it to others.
If you are a big civilization-building game fan, but don’t know where to find any of them, then visit our store, Off the Shelf Games, where you can play games like Hadara and Through the Ages. And if civilization building games aren’t your cup of tea, then we have plenty more tabletop games for you to play, so come on down anyways when we open in early December.

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