Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates! Quick Overview

Ahoy there! We’ve just been transported back into the Golden Age of Piracy, sailing from places like Port Royal to Tortuga in Don Bayer and Glenn Drovers game Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates.
Published by Forbidden Games, this is a set collection game, where players race to get to the limited crates located on various merchant ships. This game also has a deck-building component, as you gather more cards that give you and your 3 pirate ships more power throughout the game. We here at Off the Shelf greatly enjoyed this blend of mechanics, and generally had a lot of fun playing this game! You may have to think ahead, but overall it’s great for the family.

The game a few turns into play

You and your family can play this very game by visiting our store, Off the Shelf Games at 109 Rea Avenue! If you’ve played this game before, or you have any recommendations for us to play (and possibly include in the store library) leave a comment down below, and we’ll see you in December!

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