The Arena Awaits (D&D 5E)

This is a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5E event.

The Arena awaits the souls of those destined for combat. Long ago, the Master of Conflict forged a realm from the primordial essence of the Astral Plane, and created a demiplane known to adventurers and luminaries from around the multiverse as The Arena. Herein, those selected participate in deadly combat. Winners gain fame and fortune, while the fallen will fade into obscurity.

The Arena is a game focused on combat, great for learning the raw mechanics of D&D 5E & trying out new builds. Players can bring 1 to 4 characters for arena-play. Make sure to use the point-buy system and average HP rounded up for levels 2-20. As a house-rule, all arena characters start with a feat. Variant humans & custom lineage are not playable races in the arena. The Arena is drop in/drop out, however, your characters will retain all prestige and Astral Tokens earned from game to game.

All official wizards of the coast 5e books are fair game, & you can use any number of books for your builds. All arena characters start at 1st level.

The phases of play are as follows:

1. Downtime. Each character can visit 1 of 4 facilities: The Temple (grants inspiration & restorative magic), The Hunting Grounds (earn gold rounding up monsters), The Magic Shop (buy stuff), The Tavern (grants temporary hit points & yes/no questions about your next bout).

2. Prep (at this point you are thrown in a holding-cell/green room with the unfortunates you will be fighting alongside of. Some of them you may never have met before. The characters can cast spells, rituals, plan, short-rest, etc. Effects with casting times of 1 minute or less & durations over 1 minute would be in effect during the bout.

3. When the combatants are told to enter the arena they have one final round to take a pre-emptive action. This can be something like blade-ward, or raging, or lighting a torch, or bless, etc. usually something that has a short duration.

4. Declarations: let the DM know any thing of note. Example. ‘Ok, DM, Cornwallis is coming in with a longsword in one hand and his wand of magic missiles in the other. I’ve got 1st level mage armor cast on me, and 2nd level aid, & right before we go in, I’m going to channel divinity and walk in there with my aura going. I’ve also got goggles of night, so I can see in the dark.”

5. Roll initiative

6. Try and Survive……

Learn more about gameplay in the Arena here:

If the event is full and you would like to play, please join the waiting list, a player may drop. Walk-in’s are welcome, but are not guaranteed a seat. If you would prefer to observe a game you are welcome to do so, but please do not RSVP.

This event is at Off The Shelf Games and there is a $5.00 entrance fee for non-members to the store.

COVID Notice: Please stay home if you have reason to believe you have any contagious illness including COVID. As at other businesses that offer food, we do not require you to wear a mask at the table. By RSVPing you assume full responsibility for your own health and safety.


Feb 10 2023


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